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In addition to glass-making workshops, you can find glass pieces for sale at Glass Studio Punty. There are many beautiful and cute glass objects made by our talented staff. Of course they are great as a souvenir of your trip to Nikkō, but you will also feel comforted just by looking at them.
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とちおとめ.jpgTochiotome strawberry – a Tochigi specialty! They make great paperweights.

ふうせん一輪挿し.jpgBalloon-shaped small vase. Filtering the sunlight glittering in many colors sets off the beauty of the flower.

もりあおがえる.jpgPolypedatid green frog. A popular standard piece.

うさぎ箸置き.jpgRabbit chopstick rest. Eat your meals together with the rabbits everyday.

さぼてんくん&さぼてんちゃん.jpgCactus ring holder. The strong cactus will protect your rings.

IMG_20160108_124158.jpgToothpick stand. These toothpick stands are plump and cute.

おたまじゃくし.JPGTadpole. Their big eyes are cute. Tadpole chopstick rests.

ぎょうざ.JPGGyoza chopstick rests. The look good enough to eat – but don’t try!

あじさい.jpgHydrangea. Enjoy your meals with this refreshing chopstick rest.

きんぎょ.JPGGoldfish. Lively little goldfish.

そらまめ.JPGBroadbean. Goes great with beer.

はっぱ.JPGLeaf name card stand. Colorful leaf-shaped card stands.

ふくろう.JPGHoot-hoot. Cute owl ornaments.

ぴよこ.JPGChick. So real they seem to be saying “Peep! Peep!”.

IMG_20160108_125226.jpgSnail. Snail-shaped ornaments.

IMG_20160108_125301.jpgSnake. Cute little colorful snakes.

さくら.JPGPlum, peach, and cherry blossoms. Chopstick holders with the lovely colors of spring.

さる.jpgMonkey. Parent and child are cute together.

うさちょ.JPGRabbit ring holder. Rabbit-shaped ring holder.


      Pocopo Cup

Glass ornaments for every season

IMG_20160301_094535.jpgDoll festival. The Emperor and the Empress.

おひなにゃん.jpgKitty doll festival.

ふゆかえる.jpgChristmas season.

ほうほうさんた.jpgHoot-hoot Santa. Owl-version Santa Claus.

These are a sample of the pieces available at Punty. Glass are all once-in-a-lifetime pieces – you can find many pieces not shown here at the studio.
Currently we do not sell by mail order.


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